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Mario madness for Firefox

One of the reasons the Firefox fans are so loyal is that the browser is really easy to customize. Now, combine that customization ability with Super Mario, one of the cutest and most iconic characters on the web. Sounds fun, doesn't it?!

MushroomKingdom is a really nice add-on for Firefox that brings all the fun of Super Mario to your browser, As you'd expect, Firefox's regular icons are replaced with little Marios, Luigis, Goombas, and Starmen, all against a clear Mushroom Kingdom background. The MushroomKingdom installation process is very simple and, if you tire of all the color and cuteness, you can uninstall or disable it in a flash.

The MushroomKingdom theme is present throughout Firefox, in some of the pop-out menus (Options, History) as well as on the browser itself. There are no configuration options, but you'll be able to chose what appears - and see the full range of characters - by right clicking on the toolbar and clicking Customize. Apart from the lovely animation, what makes MushroomKingdom even better is the way that some icons interact with the user. Mario's eyes follow your mouse when it comes close, and he'll fall asleep if you stay on a page for too long. The bright colors aren't for everybody, but Super Mario fans will love MushroomKingdom's variety and charm.

Super Mario + Firefox - guaranteed to cheer up your day!


  • Well animated, cute icons
  • Good use of Mario world characters


  • Changes could be applied to more menus etc.


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MushroomKingdom Firefox add-on 2 for PC


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